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(1638 Dance Educators found)
  • Laura M Gifford

    Bitty Ballet
    Hershey, PA
    Teacher ID: TP123341
    Available: Dress Lists
  • American Academy Of Ballet
    American Academy Of Ballet
    New York, NY
    Teacher ID: TP115171
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Washington Ballet
    The Washington Ballet
    Washington Dc, DC
    Teacher ID: TP115099
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Lake Havasu Ballet
    Lake Havasu Ballet
    Lake Havasu City, AZ
    Teacher ID: TP114784
  • Indiana Ballet Conservatory
    Indiana Ballet Conservatory
    Carmel, IN
    Teacher ID: TP114697
    Available: Dress Lists
  • The Kirov Academy Of Ballet
    Kirov Academy Of Ballet
    Washington Dc, DC
    Teacher ID: TP114566
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Bossov Ballet Theatre
    Bossov Ballet Theatre
    Pittsfiled , ME
    Teacher ID: TP114450
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Los Angeles Ballet
    Los Angeles Ballet Center
    Los Angeles , CA
    Teacher ID: TP114449
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Central Pa Youth Ballet
    Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet
    Carlisle, PA
    Teacher ID: TP109802
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Columbus Youth Ballet
    Columbus Youth Ballet
    Columbus, OH
    Teacher ID: TP107360
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Tutu Ballet Academy

    Tutu Ballet Academy
    Canyon Cntry, CA
    Teacher ID: TP106049
  • Sarasota Ballet School
    Sarasota Ballet
    Sarasota, FL
    Teacher ID: TP72660
  • Kirov Academy Of Ballet
    Kirov Academy Of Ballet
    Washington, DC
    Teacher ID: TP72218
  • White Marsh Ballet
    White Marsh Ballet Academy
    Baltimore, MD
    Teacher ID: TP68086
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Ballet Pensacola
    Ballet Pensacola
    Pensacola, FL
    Teacher ID: TP61237
  • Grand Rapids Ballet School
    Grand Rapids Ballet School
    Grand Rapids, MI
    Teacher ID: TP60188
  • No Vermont Ballet
    Northern Vermont Ballet Company
    St. Albans, VT
    Teacher ID: TP57992
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Manhattan Ballet School,inc.

    The Manhattan Ballet School
    New York, NY
    Teacher ID: TP55656
  • Salt Lake City Ballet
    Slc Ballet
    Salt Lake City, UT
    Teacher ID: TP49485
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Ballet Mobile, Inc.
    Ballet Mobile
    Columbia, MD
    Teacher ID: TP46559
  • New Castle Regional Ballet
    New Castle Regional Ballet
    New Castle , PA
    Teacher ID: TP35694
  • Anaheim Ballet Affiliate

    Anaheim Ballet
    Anaheim, CA
    Teacher ID: TP34941
  • Maryland Youth Ballet

    Maryland Youth Ballet
    Silver Spring, MD
    Teacher ID: TP34173
  • Del Mar Ballet

    Del Mar Ballet
    San Diego, CA
    Teacher ID: TP33066
  • North Ballet Academy
    North Ballet Academy
    Otsego, MN
    Teacher ID: TP29734
  • Royal Academy Of Ballet
    Royal Academy Of Ballet Dance
    Buffalo, NY
    Teacher ID: TP28577
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Gliss… Ballet Inc.
    Teacher ID: TP66308
  • Danika Pramik-holdaway
    San Diego Civic Youth Ballet
    San Diego, CA
    Teacher ID: TP6
  • Karen M Poolos
    San Diego Academy Of Ballet
    San Diego, CA
    Teacher ID: TP7
  • Kay D Ledgerwood
    Ballet Basics
    San Diego, CA
    Teacher ID: TP40
  • Alexandra Espana

    Riverside Ballet Arts
    Riverside, CA
    Teacher ID: TP113
  • Shani M Englert
    Long Beach Ballet
    Long Beach, CA
    Teacher ID: TP206
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Lawrence J Rosenberg
    Anaheim Ballet

    Teacher ID: TP401
  • Svetlana Weisman
    Inland Valley Classical Ballet Theatre
    Temecula, CA
    Teacher ID: TP2010
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Melissa Roxey
    Mill Ballet School
    Lambertville, NJ
    Teacher ID: TP25055
  • Robin M Twarowski
    Ballet Arts
    Westlake Village, CA
    Teacher ID: TP25098
  • Ann S Heemskerk

    Jazz Rockballet Studio
    Linwood, NJ
    Teacher ID: TP25468
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Steven J Brown
    Toledo Ballet
    Toledo, OH
    Teacher ID: TP25765
  • Karyn Harris

    Cache Valley School Of Ballet
    Logan, UT
    Teacher ID: TP26146
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Debra A Beal

    New England Civic Ballet
    Lawrence, MA
    Teacher ID: TP26170
  • Susannah Whittaker
    Denali Ballet Academy
    Healy, AK
    Teacher ID: TP26177
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Dodie Askegard
    Nevada Ballet Theatre
    Las Vegas, NV
    Teacher ID: TP26201
  • Lindsay T Latham
    Tampa Bay Ballet
    Palm Harbor , FL
    Teacher ID: TP26236
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Ann M Derby

    Petaluma School Of Ballet
    Petaluma, CA
    Teacher ID: TP26267
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Lisa L Abshere
    Goleta School Of Ballet
    Goleta, CA
    Teacher ID: TP26337
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Brooke Wing
    Placer Theatre Ballet
    Rocklin, CA
    Teacher ID: TP26339
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Kristina J Newcomer
    Academy En Lair Ballet Studio
    Glendora, CA
    Teacher ID: TP26341
  • Ilona V Missakian
    Academy En Lair Ballet Studio
    Glendora, CA
    Teacher ID: TP26360
  • Iona A Calhoun
    Iona Calhoun School Of Ballet
    Chicago, IL
    Teacher ID: TP26375
  • Krista G Pagan
    Nevada City Ballet Academy
    Nevada City, CA
    Teacher ID: TP26386
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Donna C Floridia

    Ohman School Of Ballet
    Commack, NY
    Teacher ID: TP26429
  • Melanie Durham
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    Teacher ID: TP26478
  • Alyssa Pettingill
    Elan Academy Of Classical Ballet
    Essex Junction, VT
    Teacher ID: TP26491
  • Gayle P Micca
    Valley Ballet
    Canton, CT
    Teacher ID: TP26546
  • Lisa W Smith
    The Ballet Barre
    Dahlonega, GA
    Teacher ID: TP26629
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Linda Hathaway
    Hathaway Academy Of Ballet
    Plano, TX
    Teacher ID: TP26630
  • Valerie Holgers
    Academie De Ballet Classique
    Bend, OR
    Teacher ID: TP26645
  • Kate N Luber

    Classical Ballet School
    Oklahoma City, OK
    Teacher ID: TP26715
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Raymond V Mason

    Imagine Ballet Theatre
    Ogden, UT
    Teacher ID: TP26735
  • Patricia D Cantwell
    Charleston Ballet Theatre Ctr.
    Mt.pleasant,, SC
    Teacher ID: TP26740
  • Debra Norton
    Ballet Arts
    Kalamazoo, MI
    Teacher ID: TP26753
  • Mercedes Sheets
    Contra Costa Ballet
    Walnut Creek, CA
    Teacher ID: TP26784
  • Michelle M Davis
    Miami Valley Ballet Theatre
    Hamilton, OH
    Teacher ID: TP26836
  • Robin L Pollara

    Tampa Ballet Center
    Tampa, FL
    Teacher ID: TP26952
  • Hillary Evans

    Ballet Studio E
    Milwaukee, WI
    Teacher ID: TP26962
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Heidi Mclean
    The Ballet Studio
    Sacramento, CA
    Teacher ID: TP26996
  • Francisca T Cancellieri
    Conservatory Of Ballet And Danse Arts
    Bridgehampton , NY
    Teacher ID: TP27020
  • Joanne Rinaldo

    Cazenovia School Of Ballet
    Cazenovia, NY
    Teacher ID: TP27049
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Laurie Weber

    Los Angeles Ballet Academy
    Encino, CA
    Teacher ID: TP27081
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Misako Aoki-oda

    Misako Ballet Studio
    Columbia, MD
    Teacher ID: TP27130
  • Amy J Sagastume

    Bethel Ballet Academy
    Hanford, CA
    Teacher ID: TP27149
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Anna N Kruger

    C & C Ballet Academy
    South Jordan, UT
    Teacher ID: TP27208
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Suzanne M Lundberg
    Pacific Ballet Formerly Mbad
    Stockton, CA
    Teacher ID: TP27218
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Penny Michonski

    Omaha Academy Of Ballet
    Omaha, NE
    Teacher ID: TP27262
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Tara Klamm
    Radiance Ballet
    Centerton, AR
    Teacher ID: TP27263
  • Barbara Simard
    Studio Corps De Ballet
    Quebec, QC
    Teacher ID: TP27274
  • Mariya Kudyakova
    Art Ballet Academy
    Arlington, TX
    Teacher ID: TP27413
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Elena Diehl
    Louisville Ballet School
    Louisville, KY
    Teacher ID: TP27451
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Jacquelyn B Parrish
    Buford School Of Ballet
    Buford, GA
    Teacher ID: TP27506
  • Bridget N Ansinn
    Ballet Arts Of Bucks County
    Doylestown, PA
    Teacher ID: TP27582
  • Eryn A Michlitsch
    Mankato Ballet Company
    Mankato, MN
    Teacher ID: TP27604
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Alicia N Buyskes

    Texas Ballet Theater School
    Fort Worth, TX
    Teacher ID: TP27631
  • Elad Amsalem
    Galveston Ballet
    Galveston, TX
    Teacher ID: TP27670
  • Leslie M Jordan Iii

    North Central Ballet
    Keller, TX
    Teacher ID: TP27742
  • Lori J Grooters
    School Of Classical Balletdance
    West Des Moines, IA
    Teacher ID: TP27805
  • Chamberlain School Of Performa
    Chamberlain School Of Ballet
    Plano, TX
    Teacher ID: TP27809
  • Dana Nelson
    Academy Of Ballet Arts
    Murrieta, CA
    Teacher ID: TP27821
  • Eva Tessler

    Tucson High Magnet School-ballet
    Tucson, AZ
    Teacher ID: TP27938
  • Bernadette Pinotti
    Camria Ballet Academy
    Moorhead, MN
    Teacher ID: TP27941
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Micki Kolberg
    Ballet Hawaii
    Honolulu, HI
    Teacher ID: TP28030
  • Lindsay D Bowman
    Contemporary Ballet Dallas
    Dallas, TX
    Teacher ID: TP28099
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Theresa M Rudick
    Octorara Ballet School
    Gap, PA
    Teacher ID: TP28129
  • Julie M Blacksten

    Classical Ballet Academy
    Norman, OK
    Teacher ID: TP28177
  • Alecia Good-boresow
    Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet
    Carlisle, PA
    Teacher ID: TP28271
  • Katherine Giese
    Ballet Repertory Theatre Of Nm
    Albuquerque, NM
    Teacher ID: TP28326
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Marion Tonner
    Orlando Ballet School South
    Orlando, FL
    Teacher ID: TP28358
  • Debra P Rankin
    Baggs Studio Of Ballet
    Jacksonville, FL
    Teacher ID: TP28361
  • Ellen - Schipper
    Ellen Schipper Classical Ballet Studio
    Santa Barbara, CA
    Teacher ID: TP28408
  • Robert E Ragan
    Long Island City School Of Ballet
    Long Island City, NY
    Teacher ID: TP28432
  • Kathleen O Falcone
    The Ballet & Dance Center
    Dewitt, NY
    Teacher ID: TP28434
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Jazmine L Nikitenko
    Academy Of Russian Ballet
    Manassas, VA
    Teacher ID: TP28440
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Melissa Marotto
    Chrystie Street Ballet Academy
    New York, NY
    Teacher ID: TP28532
  • Kimberly A Matulich

    Myra Mier School Of Ballet
    Kenner, LA
    Teacher ID: TP28594
  • Randyn W Spear

    San Pedro Ballet School
    San Pedro, CA
    Teacher ID: TP28628
  • Darla Greene
    Deer Park Home Link Ballet & Jazz
    Deer Park, WA
    Teacher ID: TP28688
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Jackie Levine

    Faubourg School Of Ballet
    Hanover Park, IL
    Teacher ID: TP28689
  • Sybil N Burt
    √?tudes De Ballet
    Naples, FL
    Teacher ID: TP28748
  • Jill M Voznick
    Inland Pacific Ballet Academy
    Montclair, CA
    Teacher ID: TP28883
  • Heather L Raue
    Crooked Tree Arts Center School Ballet
    Petoskey, MI
    Teacher ID: TP29005
  • Jessica E Holloway
    Holistic Ballet Coaching
    Brooksville, ME
    Teacher ID: TP29188
  • Yuri V Grigoriev
    Yuri Grigoriev School Of Ballet
    Los Angeles, CA
    Teacher ID: TP29228
  • Lesley Young
    Ballet Hawaii
    Honolulu, HI
    Teacher ID: TP29269
  • Kerry L Skuderin
    Cleveland Ballet Conservatory
    North Royalton, OH
    Teacher ID: TP29271
  • Kathleen Boylan

    Classic Ballet
    Closter, NJ
    Teacher ID: TP29362
  • Yoomi Lee
    Kwak Ballet Academy
    Las Vegas, NV
    Teacher ID: TP29478
  • Millette L White
    New Orleans Ballet Association
    New Orleans, LA
    Teacher ID: TP29565
  • Noriko T Malaby
    Ballet Kukan Academy
    San Dimas , CA
    Teacher ID: TP29589
  • Cecilia C Fisher
    Ballet Phoenix
    Phoenix, AZ
    Teacher ID: TP29661
  • Lindsey C Gillings

    Ballet Academy Of Texas
    Coppell, TX
    Teacher ID: TP29704
  • Deborah Rogers
    Dali Ballet Company
    Ruidoso, NM
    Teacher ID: TP29973
  • Chauniece Conner
    Ballet On Wheels Dance School & Company
    Memphis, TN
    Teacher ID: TP29976
  • Chastity Harris
    Signature Ballet Company
    Memphis, TN
    Teacher ID: TP29999
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Mavis H Tracy

    Mavis Tracy Ballet School
    Kailua, HI
    Teacher ID: TP30034
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Selena E Offenberg
    Ballet Austin
    Austin, TX
    Teacher ID: TP30046
  • Nancy R Spoor

    Centralia Ballet Academy
    Centralia, WA
    Teacher ID: TP30111
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Melissa C Strader
    Capital City Ballet Center
    Boise, ID
    Teacher ID: TP30165
  • Chris E Rogers
    Balletmet Columbus Dance Academy
    Columbus, OH
    Teacher ID: TP30227
  • Crystal Petzel

    Academy Of Classical Ballet - California
    Campbell, CA
    Teacher ID: TP30255
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Charlou D Riggan

    Ballet At The Heritage
    Fallbrook, CA
    Teacher ID: TP30278
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Nicole D Moscou

    Prosser School Of Ballet
    Prosser, WA
    Teacher ID: TP30331
  • Courtney L Crane
    New England Ballet Theatre
    Mashpee, MA
    Teacher ID: TP30413
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Yelena K Holt
    Holt Ballet Conservatory
    Nevada City, CA
    Teacher ID: TP30419
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Rosa M Monzon
    Withers Ballet
    Dallas, TX
    Teacher ID: TP30536
  • Denise Lose

    Gulf Coast Ballet
    Sarasota, FL
    Teacher ID: TP30582
  • Mika Deslongchamps

    Ballet Rincon Academy Of Dance
    Tucson, AZ
    Teacher ID: TP30597
  • Katherine M Polaski
    Flower City Ballet
    Rochester, NY
    Teacher ID: TP30668
  • Marcie L Ryken
    Los Gatos Ballet
    Los Gatos, CA
    Teacher ID: TP30769
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Bertina S Dew
    Kingsport Ballet
    Kinsgport, TN
    Teacher ID: TP30789
  • Melissa N Bierstock
    Anne Hebard School Of Ballet
    Kingston, NY
    Teacher ID: TP30801
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Melissa Mulligan
    Premiere Ballet Academy
    San Antonio, TX
    Teacher ID: TP30807
  • Sheree D Henning
    Chico Community Ballet
    Chico, CA
    Teacher ID: TP30844
  • Kari E Sea
    Aspen Santa Fe Ballet
    Aspen, CO
    Teacher ID: TP30845
  • Cindee K Velle
    Ballet With Cindee Velle
    Columbia, MD
    Teacher ID: TP30852
  • Karen Goodman

    New England Ballet
    Orange, CT
    Teacher ID: TP30880
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Lisa H Cuizon
    Cuizon Ballet Centre
    Thousand Oaks, CA
    Teacher ID: TP30897
  • Jaime Robtison
    Ballet Institute Of Atlanta
    Atlanta, GA
    Teacher ID: TP30967
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Jennifer Cafarella
    Ballet Theatre Of Phoenix
    Phoenix, AZ
    Teacher ID: TP31167
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Deborah J Femovich
    Oil Region Ballet
    Oil City, PA
    Teacher ID: TP31171
  • Marsha Kollek
    Sawnee Ballet Theatre Inc
    Cumming, GA
    Teacher ID: TP31181
  • Jennifer M Neuser
    Ballet Rincon
    Tucson, AZ
    Teacher ID: TP31187
  • Stephanie Stoffels
    Cooke County Ballet Academy
    Lindsay, TX
    Teacher ID: TP31223
  • Jennifer Bryan

    Allegheny Ballet Company
    Altoona, PA
    Teacher ID: TP31249
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Angela S Lynn

    Ballet Conservatory Of Asheville
    Asheville,, NC
    Teacher ID: TP31368
  • Angela Kucera
    Rafael Grigorian School Of Ballet
    Binghamton, NY
    Teacher ID: TP31511
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Lindsey E Fitzmorris
    Bay Pointe Ballet
    South San Francisco, CA
    Teacher ID: TP31515
  • Marie-jose Payannet
    Danse Etoile Ballet
    Louisville, CO
    Teacher ID: TP31520
  • Leanne M Mizzoni
    Ballet Fantastique
    Eugene, OR
    Teacher ID: TP31529
  • Anne Easterling
    The Ballet Club
    New York, NY
    Teacher ID: TP31535
  • Kirsta Sendziak
    The School Of Classical Ballet
    East Cambridge, MA
    Teacher ID: TP31538
  • Sheree D Henning
    Chico Community Ballet
    Chico, CA
    Teacher ID: TP31540
  • Svetlana Kravtsova
    L'etoile/the Russian Ballet Academy Of M
    Ellicott City, MD
    Teacher ID: TP31569
  • Stephanie Stoffels
    Cooke County Ballet Academy
    Lindsay, TX
    Teacher ID: TP31579
  • Allison Crilly
    All American Ballet School
    Ventura, CA
    Teacher ID: TP31580
  • Laura D Alexich
    City Of Angels Ballet
    Studio City , CA
    Teacher ID: TP31593
  • Marjorie F Kovich
    Marjorie Kovich School Of Ballet
    Norman, OK
    Teacher ID: TP31624
  • Shari Watson
    Bridger View Ballet Center
    Belgrade, MT
    Teacher ID: TP31829
  • Melissa Ann Hayden
    Academy Of Ballet Wauconda
    Wauconda, IL
    Teacher ID: TP32043
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Susan Lopez
    The Susan Lopez School Of Ballet
    Santa Rosa, CA
    Teacher ID: TP32217
  • Regina Bogomolova
    Classical Ballet Of Fredericksburg
    Fredericksburg, VA
    Teacher ID: TP32231
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Christine C Harris

    Brass City Ballet
    Middlebury, CT
    Teacher ID: TP32358
  • Carole C Alexis

    Ballet Des Ameriques School And Company
    Port Chester, NY
    Teacher ID: TP32430
  • Karin K Jensen
    Alameda Ballet Academy
    Alameda, CA
    Teacher ID: TP32453
  • Rena Backer

    Rena Backer School Of Ballet
    Phoenix, AZ
    Teacher ID: TP32495
  • Karen T Hickas
    Ballet Center At New Berlin
    New Berlin, PA
    Teacher ID: TP32675
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Sara L Windal

    Anaheim Ballet
    Anaheim, CA
    Teacher ID: TP32744
  • Francoise Thouveny-doyle
    Maryland Youth Ballet
    Silver Spring, MD
    Teacher ID: TP32806
  • Slawomir Wozniak

    Master Ballet Academy
    Scottsdale, AZ
    Teacher ID: TP32865
  • Kolleen Fischer
    Configuration School Of Ballet
    Williamsville, NY
    Teacher ID: TP32896
  • Evemarie N Bessebach
    Frankfort School Of Ballet
    Frankfort, KY
    Teacher ID: TP32978
  • Darielle L Eberhard
    Balletmet Columbus
    Columbus, OH
    Teacher ID: TP32982
  • Cynthia A Blanco
    Belliston Academy Of Ballet
    Littleton, CO
    Teacher ID: TP33046
  • Jennifer Friel

    Inland Pacific Ballet
    Montclair, CA
    Teacher ID: TP33060
  • Suzanne M Hawkins
    Suzanne Hawkins Ballet Workshop
    Washington, MI
    Teacher ID: TP33104
  • Jacqueline J Vandenburg
    Ballet Bitterroot Performing Arts
    Corvallis, MT
    Teacher ID: TP33122
  • Kathryn Demontigny
    Academy Of Ballet
    Paradise, CA
    Teacher ID: TP33271
  • Judi A Holland
    Ballet Arts
    Kalamazoo, MI
    Teacher ID: TP33357
  • Christin Hanna
    Tahoe Youth Ballet
    Tahoe City, CA
    Teacher ID: TP33439
  • Vera Kurmasheva
    Ballet Prestige
    Barrington, RI
    Teacher ID: TP33452
  • Carrie L Dicken

    Ballet Fusion
    Conway, AR
    Teacher ID: TP33471
  • Eileen C Zielinski
    Orlando Ballet School
    Orlando, FL
    Teacher ID: TP33492
  • Carrie Frase
    Patterson School Of Ballet
    Erie, PA
    Teacher ID: TP33542
    Available: Videos
  • Jo Anna R Hopkins
    Ballet Workshop Ii
    Ewing, NJ
    Teacher ID: TP33566
  • Margarida M Eidson

    All American Ballet School
    Ventura, CA
    Teacher ID: TP33609
  • Rose Flachs

    Massachusetts Academy Of Ballet
    Holyoke, MA
    Teacher ID: TP33628
  • Christine N Wojcik
    Ballet Caliente
    Lexington Park, MD
    Teacher ID: TP33677
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Michelle L Jackman

    Classical Youth Ballet
    Brigham City, UT
    Teacher ID: TP33679
  • Roberta Vassallo
    Ballet Petite
    Bethesda, MD
    Teacher ID: TP33684
  • Kimberly J Huffman

    Tahlequah Ballet Performing Arts Academy
    Tahlequah, OK
    Teacher ID: TP33795
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Anna Maria Murazzo
    Ballet/yoga Stretch
    Foresthill, CA
    Teacher ID: TP33798
  • Jean A Milano
    Jo Emery School Of Ballet
    Tacoma, WA
    Teacher ID: TP33833
    Available: Dress Lists
  • Anita S Ashley
    Columbia Ballet School
    Columbia, SC
    Teacher ID: TP33850
    Discount Dance Supply does not endorse or guarantee the suitability or quality of any schools or teachers listed in the Dance Teacher Program. This list is provided as is and has not been verified by Discount Dance Supply. While we maintain the address and phone number of those listed for safety reasons we do not display this information unless we have permission from the studio or teacher to do so. If you wish to contact one of these schools or teachers you should consult a directory listing for your area. Choosing a school you are comfortable with can be a complex process, we encourage you to research any school or teacher before choosing one.

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