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Adult "Pro Elastic" Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Shoes (Style: S0621L)
By Bloch

The "Pro Elastic" by Bloch features a canvas upper with an elastic piece that replaces the binding and drawstring. The elastic contours the foot in a full range of movement, and evenly distributes tension around the foot relieving pressure on the Ach...
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DDS price:$27.56
Retail value:$31.00

Adult "Prolite II Hybrid" Leather Split-Sole Ballet Shoes (Style: S0203L)
By Bloch

The original Bloch split-sole ballet shoe combines a leather upper with a soft and flexible canvas arch insert, which will not stretch out of shape. It features an elastic drawstring, cotton lining and suede leather sock lining. Comes with pre-sewn e

DDS price:$36.52
Retail value:$39.00

Adult "SofTouch" Canvas Stretch Split-Sole Ballet Shoes (Style: T2915)
By Theatricals

Feel the floor in absolute comfort with our "SofTouch" split sole canvas and spandex ballet shoe. The soft stretch spandex insert between the heel and sole will hug your arch while you feel like you're dancing on air. Comes in full sizes only so that...
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DDS price:$18.57
Retail value:$21.85

Adult "Zenith" Stretch Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Shoes (Style: S0282L)
By Bloch

The world's first 4-way stretch canvas ballet shoe! The unique streamlined design combined with the ground breaking Ultimate Stretch canvas contours to the foot providing comfort and support while allowing for greater definition of the arch and point...
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DDS price:$23.45
Retail value:$27.00

Adult "Juliet" Leather Split-Sole Ballet Shoes (Style: 2027)
By Capezio

Capezio's leather "Juliet" split-sole ballet shoe features a sculpted arch construction with no center seam, contoured suede sole patches, moisture-absorbent, antimicrobial brushed cotton sock lining, and drawstring.
3/8" pre-sewn elastics.
DDS price:$42.00

Womens Vivante Stretch Canvas Ballet Slippers (Style: VLD)
By Russian Pointe

A form-fitting, comfortable ballet slipper that is soon to become your favorite! Features include a lightweight stretchy canvas fabric, elasticized binding for extreme sleekness, heightened arch, suede splite sole patches, and microfiber lining at th...
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DDS price:$24.00

Adult "Elastosplit X" Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Shoes (Style: ES0251L)
By Bloch

Bloch's "Elastosplit X" features a canvas upper and elastic attachments that contour the natural lines of the foot. The symmetrical design provides support and security. Neoprene inserts allow room for the metatarsal joints when going through demi-po...
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DDS price:$29.87
Retail value:$32.00

Womens "Infinity Stretch" Stretch Canvas Ballet Shoes (Style: S0220L)
By Bloch

Combining your favorite Bloch features from the popular "Synchrony" and "Zenith" shoes, the "Infinity Stretch" is a stretch canvas ballet slipper with a streamlined design that accentuates the foot while being incredibly comfortable. Ballet shoes fea...
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DDS price:$31.00

Child Economy Leather Full Sole Ballet Shoes (Style: T1000C)
By Theatricals

This full sole ballet shoe is constructed with a comfortable, yet durable leather. Features include a cotton lining, a cotton drawstring, a suede sock liner, and an attached elastic strap.

DDS price:$12.86
Retail value:$15.15

Child "Star Split" Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Shoes (Style: 15C)
By Sansha

Sansha's "Star Split" canvas ballet shoe provides flexibility with a split-sole design. Other features include a drawstring and suede sole patches. Pre-sewn single elastic attached.

DDS price:$14.29

Girls "Lily" Full Sole Leather Ballet Shoes (Style: 212C)
By Capezio

Meet your new go-to ballet slipper. Capezio's "Lily" ballet slipper features soft leather, a full sole, and a suede footbed. Straps are pre-attached, saving you the hassle of having to sew them on yourself!

DDS price:$24.00

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