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Womens "Omnia" Knitted Sneakers (Style: S0926L)
By Bloch

Merging style and comfort, the "Omnia" sneakers will take you to dance class and everything in between. Lace-up shoes feature a padded foot bed and padded insole for extreme comfort, a full knitted upper, reinforced lacing, and a padded internal heel

DDS price:$52.01
Retail value:$60.00

Adult "Super Jazz" Slip-On Jazz Shoes (Style: S0401L)
By Bloch

Bloch's split-sole "Super Jazz" shoe features the popular laceless styling and distinguished Bloch fit. Made with soft, durable leather with rubber forefoot and heel.

DDS price:$34.67
Retail value:$39.90

Adult Lyrical Half Sole (Style: DP1)
By Dance Paws

Modern Dance Paws protect the feet from skin tears, blisters and friction burns without compromising the look and feel of barefoot dancing. Made of form-fitting spandex and an elastic band, contemporary lyrical half soles will not shift underfoot or ...
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DDS price:$32.63
Retail value:$35.00

Foot Thong III Lyrical Shoes (Style: S0675L)
By Bloch

Bloch's modern "Foot Thong III" is virtually invisible on stage and features a silicon lined rubber support that is double stitched to the suede pad under the arch and is placed around the instep of the foot to prevent the thong from slipping forward...
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DDS price:$19.36
Retail value:$21.50

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