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Adult "Studio" Pointe Shoes

Style No: STU
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Adult "Studio II" Pointe Shoes - STUII
4 Stars

Adult "Studio Professional" Pointe Shoes - STUXV
4 Stars

European Pink Ribbon 1" - FREEURW
4.5 Stars
Freed's "Studio" pointe shoe is available in Medium or Hard shanks. Features include a deep v-cut vamp, a very strong supportive block, a strong Wing block, a tapered platform for an elegant line, slightly dipped sides, and a cotton drawstring. Technically manufactured in the Freed of London Factory with entirely natural biodegradable components. This internationally popular shoe is worn by the experienced student through to the performance level. Ribbons not included.

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  • Wide Tapered Box
  • Long Vamp
  • High Profile
  • Medium/Hard Shank Strength
  • Strong Box Strength
  • Egyptian Foot Shape

See sizing tab for important fitting suggestions.

Upper: Satin/Man-Made; Sole: Leather

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Suggested Fitting: 2.5 sizes smaller than street size
Available in sizes:
(adult) 2.0-8.0 C,D,E,EE

Suggested fitting for this item:

US Street Size Freed Pointe
5.5 3
6 3.5
6.5 4
7 4.5
7.5 5
8 5.5
8.5 6
9 6.5
9.5 7
10 7.5
10.5 8
11 8.5

This information is shown as a guide only and not a guarantee.
Actual fitting may vary.

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  • Freed Lover   06/13/2017

    2 star rating

    I used to love this shoe but somewhere along the line they have changed them. They are much different now. The vamp is very low and the shank doesn't even feel like it's there. These feel nothing like the Freed classics. Originally they were very similar in feel but stronger to last longer. If you love your Freed classics or wing blocks stay away from these. To me these feel a bit like Gaynors'........

    Age: 40 to 49     Fit: True to size     Comfort: 3 star rating     Durability: 3 star rating    

    Was this review helpful to you?196944 thumbs up3196944 thumbs down2

  • bunheadlaura   08/06/2015

    5 star rating


    Im in love with these pointe shoes, it come with a very hard shank {even though i ordered a medium shank} but which is good for me because i like to have a ton of support in my shoes. It is also good because they last a while {based on the lifespand of pointe shoes} I would say they lasted me a month and take 2 pointe classes a week at level 4. The only thing i don't like is if you order a size to small you can barely put your shoe on but if you order a size to big it will not stay on your feet. I ordered a size 4 for my first pair of Freeds and i had the Ashley Bouder toe pads and i had to squeeze my foot so much in there and in felt very uncomfortable. But this pair i ordered 4 1/2 to give the toe pad some room and also just incase my foot grew a little bit. My heel started really sagging so i constantly have to pull up the heel. If you try Gaynor Mindens Heel Grippers they work really well for that.

    Comfort: 4 star rating     Durability: 4 star rating    

    Was this review helpful to you?193126 thumbs up4193126 thumbs down2

  • Nanners   07/05/2015

    5 star rating


    They are comfortable and durable till they are completely worn out. They also look pretty even when starting to ware out.

    Age: 15-18     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

    Was this review helpful to you?192781 thumbs up5192781 thumbs down0

  • Gracie220   06/01/2015

    5 star rating


    I'm an adult who dances recreationally a few times per week and I don't quite have ideal "banana feet." My feet are pretty narrow and mostly tapered and tend to work best with Russian-style shoes like Grishko 2007. However, I've always loved the way Freed pointe shoes look on other dancers and really wanted to give them a try. I've also tried the Studio Professional shoes, but I found this pair to be a little more tapered and with a slightly lower profile, which works well for me. I just wore them around the house a couple times and used a little rubbing alcohol in the bunion area and they conformed to my feet beautifully. I love the color and texture of the satin and these seem to mold to the feet better than any other shoes I've tried (I have yet to try any of the classics, which I've heard are even better in that aspect). As far as sizing, you might consider ordering only 2 sizes below US street shoe size, rather than the recommended 2.5. I'm a 9.5 in street shoes and the 7.5C is perfect (for comparison, I wear a 7XX in the Grishko 2007).

    Age: 30-39     Comfort: 4 star rating     Durability: 4 star rating    

    Was this review helpful to you?192461 thumbs up14192461 thumbs down0

  • Lovediscountdance   02/13/2015

    4 star rating


    I decide to buy these after being fed up with shoes with easily softened boxes and 3/4 shanks. This is the first pair of pointe shoes that I bought without trying them on first. I had my reservations about it but I fingered I could always just send them back, but they turned out perfect! The combination of the strong shank (I got it in hard), the winged block, and the more tapered box makes this pointe shoe perfect for someone who has strong feet and wants a very supportive shoe. These shoes will need some getting used to be because of how hard they are, so be prepared to build some new bunions. So far I've used these shoes, alternating with another pair for about 2 months, and there are still in great shape. The shank took some time contour to my feet, even though I have high arches and strong feet, but now they feel perfect. But for extra longevity I suggest either shellacing or jet gluing the inside of the box. Two points of caution, the cotton drawstrings are much harder to tie than elastics, and demi-point will hurt for some time.

    Age: 15-18     Comfort: 1 star rating     Durability: 4 star rating    

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  • ballet luver   08/03/2010

    4 star rating


    I really like these shoes they were my second pair and I liked them. They have a very hard shank (I have super strong feet and ankles) but are good shoes. They got to small so I got the studio II. Overall good shoe!

    Was this review helpful to you?115257 thumbs up1115257 thumbs down0

  • Ali   04/06/2010

    2 star rating


    I liked these at first but after 3 wears the platform was uneven! It was terrible! I had to switch shoes in the middle of class because they were soooo uncomfortable! Don't get these! The only pro is that they were easy to balance on.

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  • Anonymous   07/01/2008

    4 star rating


    My current pair of Freeds are working great. I have to get hard shanks because my arches break shoes like nothing, and they are holding great. My previous pair, however, was ridiculously squeaky! It is hard to pay attention during barre if your shoes creak everytime you roll up or down. It was probably just the individual pair, but I never had that problem with any other brands.

    Was this review helpful to you?29974 thumbs up029974 thumbs down0

  • Amanda Jane   02/02/2008
    New York City,

    2 star rating


    I used to wear Freed Wing Block pointe shoes but my fitter told me to give these a try. First off, I break in pointe shoes relatively quickly and have moderately high arches. These shoes broke in oddly and didn't flatter my foot. The wings and platform broke in the first day, but the vamp was oddly unbreakable. It's like the glue was uneven!

    Was this review helpful to you?24571 thumbs up024571 thumbs down0

  • Emily   12/02/2007

    2 star rating


    These shoes get rounded on the tip of the box, really really fast. Because they get so rounded, the shoes actually pull you off pointe. They die almost as quickly as the Classics, and the shank is ruined after the first use.

    Was this review helpful to you?23257 thumbs up123257 thumbs down0

  • Michelle   10/08/2007

    5 star rating


    Look sooo good! They're good for balancing. I got my first triples with these shoes! The only problem is they get soft fast, but no big deal.

    Was this review helpful to you?22015 thumbs up022015 thumbs down0

  • E   05/30/2007

    3 star rating

    These shoes don't allow the arch to bend as much as it should in a pointe shoe. This caused me to get awful cramps in my calf during partnering. The bend in the shoe is flattering, but the shoes often fall off the heel when wearing pink tights.

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  • Reesie   04/02/2007

    4 star rating


    You know, these shoes are super quiet and I can balance forever in them. Also, they make excellent shoes for turning. However, they do get a little soft too quick, so if you have Jet Glue, you will need to use it!

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  • Shamira   02/03/2007
    Portland, Or,

    3 star rating

    This shoe is extremely painful until you give it a good break in by hand, as well as by dancing. If your big toe is longest, like mine, then skip this shoe, as it is never quite comfortable and the inside of the box is not tapered enough to allow maximum comfort. This shoe is easy to balance in but it is hard to go over the box when doing preliminary warm-ups and stretching. Lastly, if this is the shoe for you then your foot will look great. The shanks are easy to bend or cut, which is a plus in comparison to Blochs or Grishkos.

    Was this review helpful to you?13627 thumbs up013627 thumbs down0

  • Anonymous   12/27/2006

    5 star rating


    After 4 years of Capezio Glisses, Blochs and Gambas, I have finally found my perfect shoe! I don't have nice, big Patricia Barker arches, but these shoes make it look like I do, without knuckling. One of my teachers said "Wow, if you find a shoe that looks that good, stay with it!" In street shoes, I wear a 7.5 and I wear a 5EE in these. If you have trouble with knuckling, try them out! Just one warning- soften them up a LOT before you dance in them.

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  • Kate   10/06/2006

    4 star rating

    Freed Studios are very painful the first couple of days when breaking them in, but other than that, I think they are great. All Freed pointe shoes look very professional and pretty. Compared to the Freed Maker's, Freed Studios definitely last longer.

    Was this review helpful to you?10882 thumbs up010882 thumbs down0

  • Charity   06/03/2006

    5 star rating


    I have worn these for 2 years now and I love them. I have very high arches, and these support me and mold to my feet very well. They are very comfortable. I would recommend, if you have strong feet, to jet glue them before use. I do in the box and shank, and this helps them last a lot longer.

    Was this review helpful to you?2097 thumbs up02097 thumbs down0

  • Kelsey   05/01/2006

    5 star rating


    I love these shoes, they fit my feet perfectly and look really nice!

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  • Anonymous   04/20/2006

    1 star rating


    I used to love those shoes but they started making them too soft. They die in 45 minutes and the shank starts to bulk out so it looks awful on your feet! The box is also very uneven.

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  • Ky   04/11/2006

    4 star rating

    Loved these shoes! They always look great on your feet; though they dont do well in humid weather. The box breaks down pretty easily. Great performance shoes though.

    Was this review helpful to you?446 thumbs up0446 thumbs down0

  • Carly   04/09/2006

    3 star rating

    On this shoe and the Studio II, I have always felt like I was being pulled off the shoe. I don't use them because I have a tendency to be way over the box.

    Was this review helpful to you?368 thumbs up0368 thumbs down0

  • Anonymous   04/04/2006

    4 star rating


    I've used Studios for a year and a half now and they are great. They are easy to balance in and great for turning. They do, however, wear out too quickly. Mine are broken in after one class and sometimes only last me a week. But my foot fits so nicely in them that I'd hate to wear anything else.

    Was this review helpful to you?218 thumbs up1218 thumbs down0

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