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1 oz. Pointe Shoe Glue

Style No: PSG1
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Ballerinas finally have a product that is specifically designed to repair, restore, and renew dead pointe shoes. This extremely strong yet light and flexible glue immediately repairs and hardens a weakened area of the shoe. Extend the life of your shoes and save money with Daniel's Pointe Shoe Glue.

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  • Pointe shoes decorator   10/09/2020

    4 star rating


    This glue only works for certain pointe shoes.I tested this on a wish.com pointe shoes and it worked instantly however, it didn't really work on my sansha debutante pointe shoes.

    Age: 22 to 29     Fit: True to size     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Anonymous   07/25/2018

    5 star rating


    This glue is great for prolonging the life of shoes. I usually use it in the toe boxes. The bottle is well designed and unlike Jet glue, I have never had any problems with it leaking.

    Fit: Runs very large     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Miracle Glue   05/11/2016

    5 star rating

    My ballerina has been seriously training en pointe for 4 years. This is the best product out there for enhancing the longevity of your pointe shoes.

    Age: 30 to 39    

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  • Yulia   07/30/2014

    3 star rating


    I feel that there is actually a difference between this glue and jet glue. When I use jet glue to reinforce the shank, the shank stiffens up again as expected, but it maintains its pliability. When I use this on my shanks, the shank becomes extremely brittle. Also, when I glue the boxes, I noticed that the Daniel's pointe shoe glue is susceptible to making bubbles and glue "spikes" at the tips; thus making pointework uncomfortable. I am unaware weather the ingredients in Daniel's glue and jet glue are the same, I'm sure they are, but Daniel's glue just feels, well, different, at least to me.

    Age: 15-18    

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  • Anna2   11/16/2012

    4 star rating


    I used this on my old pointe shoes to put off buying a new pair and it really helped! I wore them for a few more classes, and then to a halloween party and that's when they died. But be careful, this gets super duper hard and brittle. I tried using it on another pair on the shank, and while I was dancing the shank snapped :(

    Age: 15-18     Comfort: 3 star rating     Durability: 4 star rating    

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  • iloveballet   03/26/2012

    5 star rating


    amazing product!!!!! i love love love!!!! this glue is the most outstanding thing for your pointe shoes. it holds up amazing!!! i glued my Capezios before i started wearing them and the box is still hard!! now, i know this may not seem super cool but the last pair of the same shoes i had i had a hard box within 2 months, it would have been sooner but i only dance in pointe shoes 2-3 times a week. it is amazing!!!! But just a hint, if you are going to glue the shank, make sure you bent the shank as its drying or the shank is harder than brand new for a good 3 classes or so depending on your strength. It is the coolest thing when you apply the glue, on the instructions it says it will get warm and it does; being one who is fascinated by reactions in things its so cool. I would give this product a 7 out of 5. i have a new saying now, pointe shoe glue, not duct tape holds the worls together!!! =)

    Age: 15-1    

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  • Anonymous   02/19/2012

    5 star rating

    i wear threw my pointe shoes pretty fast considering i only take class 2-3 times a week. and the boxes on my capizios were starting to get soft, so i bought a bottle of this magic stuff. i now have a saying the this glue not duct tape fixes everything. this stuff is amazing!!!!! ive told all the girls in my classes to use it. ive found that if i cover t he inside of the box after a class or two and 24+ hours of drying then it works amazing (i wouldnt recomend dancing with bare feet {no tights or toe pads} because it leaces the surface of the shoe a little rought)!!!! it takes a nearly dead or dead pointe shoe and makes it nearly new. now dont get me wrong its not going to make your shoe brand new but its amazing. recently i used it on my shank and it made it super hard. my only hint if your going to use it on your shanks is when the glue is drying curve it slightly so it isnt stick straight. that will help you so your shoe bends in the first class after. but if you are wanting to expand the life of any point shoes then get this. i had a teacher who told me that isnt wasnt worth buying it but i wish i hadnt listened to her and found this wonderful product sooner

    Comfort: 3 star rating     Durability: 4 star rating    

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  • Anonymous   12/24/2011

    2 star rating

    I have extremely flexible feet and high arches, and my pointe shoes die within a week or two. I use Capezio Aria's ES, and during Nutcracker season I was doing Candycanes which requires a lot of sautes. My pointe shoes began dying on the sides, until they were completely broken down and soft so it appeared I was knuckling (I promise you I wasn't, and this is the first time my shoes have ever done this). Anyway, the point is (no pun intended), I was using this glue on the sides of the shoe and the glue accidentally spilled a little too much and when the glue hardened it was painful! I ended up filing down most of it, though there were still glue chunks. It worked for a bit, then the sides broke back down again and one of the chunks began digging into my right big toe until it became swollen. I even used this glue to reinforce the strength of the box of new pointe shoes and it didn't do anything. Overall, what places of a pointe shoe does this actually work?

    Comfort: 3 star rating     Durability: 4 star rating    

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  • Anonymous   12/05/2011

    5 star rating

    this works great!!!! i bought it to keep my new pair of shoes nice but i tried it on a pair from like a year and a half ago. the box was super soft and now they are as hard as my new pair before i glued them!!!! a little goes a long way and this little bottle rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Comfort: 3 star rating     Durability: 4 star rating    

    Was this review helpful to you?162877 thumbs up1162877 thumbs down0

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