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I-FLEX Stretch Unit

Style No: IF0009
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The absolute best in flexibility! Completely portable, the I-FLEX stretch unit allows you to safely and slowly stretch through a complete range of ballet motions with correct back, hip, and shoulder position. Endorsed by North Hills Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy of Pittsburgh, PA. and Dr. Robert Hennon, MD of Pittsburgh, PA.

Made in the USA.

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  • Eboni   04/03/2015

    5 star rating


    I ordered this nervous about all the mixed reviews, but i have to say it not a waste of money at all! it works well and being a bigger girl I thought it wouldn't do as well but it does! Mine personally isn't as noisy as everyone says, I have little to none noise. the only downside is that it's a hassle to put on and off and it almost barely fit my doors so I am unable to keep it on. but flexiblity wise I cant say because I haven't reallly strectched fully on it yet!

    Age: 15-18     Comfort: 4 star rating     Durability: 4 star rating    

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  • Islander   02/27/2013

    5 star rating


    I was nervous after reading all the reviews and spending the money. I just received it in the mail and I love it. It works on all my doors and gives a great stretch. I am not that flexible and I have already seen improvement. From what I have read the I-Flex has the most benefit for those who are less flexible. I have also wanted to do an extended high leg walk and it is able to give me enough support through the full movement to increase both strength and flexibility.

    Age: 30-39     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Bekah R   06/04/2010

    4 star rating


    I got this a few months ago and it works great, but for it to be able to work its magic fully you need to use it everyday,don't lose heart it can take some time, as do all stretching regiments. All around good!

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  • dksmom   03/02/2009

    5 star rating


    If only I knew you sold this sooner! My daughter HATES to stretch, always has...but LOVES the I-Flex! If I could improve one thing, I would add some kind of padding for when she puts the strap around her heel...it's a great product.

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  • Anonymous   07/06/2008

    1 star rating


    I got this and it was a complete waste of money. It was too thick to shut the door with it attached to the the top as the instructions said to. You're better off just stretching without it.

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  • Dev   01/13/2008

    5 star rating


    Before I bought this I thought I would never get any of my splits. But I used it about every other day for 2 weeks and now I have my right splits!

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  • Bailey   05/10/2007

    5 star rating

    This is the best thing that has ever been made!

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  • Lyrical dancer   09/27/2006

    3 star rating

    I really don't think the product is that great. It just wasn't what I expected it to be. I wouldn't recommend it.

    Was this review helpful to you?10686 thumbs up010686 thumbs down1

  • Mary   06/08/2006

    5 star rating

    This product really helped me stretch and was easy to use, because all I had to do, was put it over the top of a door! It really is good to use because no matter what level you are, in flexibility, you can use it to get better! I LOVE IT!!!

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  • Meg   05/21/2006

    4 star rating

    This works so good. It helped me get my splits in like two days. The only thing is you have to screw it to the wall.

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  • KitKat     12/05/2017
    Hoover-al     Age: 40 to 49    

    What is the difference between the I-Flex Stretch Unitthe I-Flex Stretch Jr Stretch Unit?

    Are they for different heights? I don't see height requirementsanything that tells why one is a Jrthe other a regular.

    The difference between the regular and the Jr is how it attaches. The Jr is smaller and more portable.
    - DDS Customer Service (01/30/2018)

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  • dancegirl     03/04/2016
    South Carolina    


    Does this fit over the top of a door? If so, what is the width of door it will fit over?

    This item has flexibility in size. It will fit over a variety of doors, however needs a door with reasonable space between the door and the frame when you close the door.
    - DDS Customer Service (03/25/2016)

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  • MelissaArtist     09/12/2013

    How does the I-Flex compare to the Junior I-Flex? Why would a person choose one over the other?

    The I- FLEX can be mounted to the door. The junior I-flex can he hung on the door and moved to different locations.
    - DDS Customer Service (09/12/2013)

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  • A_Richey     01/06/2013
    Chicago, Il, Usa     Age: 17 or under    

    How does this contraction attach to a door?

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  • Amber     12/30/2012
    Age: 17 or under    


    How does this unit attach to the wall?

    This item is to be used over a door.
    - DDS Customer Service (01/03/2013)

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  • Brixoxo     12/22/2012
    Marietta,ga     Age: 17 or under    


    Will this still work if I'm really flexible? I have my right and left over split and my full middle split.

    Yes, it should help maintain your flexibility
    - DDS Customer Service (12/26/2012)

    From what I have read and my experience with the I-flex, is that it is better for those who are not as flexible. - Islander (02/27/2013)

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