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Large Ouch Pouch

Style No: BH1055
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 - BH1054
4 Stars
New & Improved Design by Bunheads! This new large Ouch Pouch design offers more coverage in the bunion areas, a deeper cut vamp to better match the line of the pointe shoe, a sleeker shape that hugs the foot and keeps pads from sliding or bunching up. Approximate pointe shoe sizes 6-10. 2 per pack.

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  • Audrey   10/28/2018

    5 star rating


    I’ve had these toe pads for years and they have never failed me. I can switch them from shoe to shoe and they work perfectly. No need for lambs wool and keep your foot secure in the shoe. They don’t even absorb the sweat from your feet!

    Age: 15 to 18     Fit: True to size     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • shanelynne   07/24/2018
    Oak Harbor,WA

    5 star rating


    I wear these with my pointe shoes and they are the perfect fit. I wash by hand and they have lasted years. It is just the right amount of cushioning for me. I wear toe tape as well for my baby toes though.

    Age: 15 to 18     Fit: Runs very large     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Twinkle Toes    06/20/2017

    5 star rating

    I like ouch pouches because they are washable and I can still feel the floor without a lot of pain. They last me about 2-3 months and that is with me dancing full time. I would highly recommend these if you don't like a lot of padding and if you like to feel the floor when you are en pointe.

    Age: 19 to 21     Fit: True to size     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • TallBallerina   03/24/2016

    5 star rating


    These toe pads are great. They provide excellent comfort, they don't rip or tear, and they're machine washable (I always wash mine on delicate then let them air dry). 5 stars

    Age: 15-18     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Alicer   07/23/2013

    4 star rating


    First - I am NOT a dancer. I got these to wear on 12 hour shifts as a nurse! Because I have arthritic feet I have to wear mega orthotics in my shoes. I find myself sliding forward in my nursing shoes and need to protect my toes without using insoles. This product worked well but the toe seam did bother my toes about half way through the shift.

    Comfort: 4 star rating     Durability: 4 star rating    

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  • DancingGoddess   06/12/2013

    5 star rating


    If this pouch took care of the pressure spot between my big and second toes, I'd never need anything else. Bunions by your big joint or achy points on your small? This will take care of you. Make sure to order the correct size though. Order too big and you'll have extra gel. Order too small and you'll stretch it too thin. I suggest trying on each size in your local store, buying your first pair there (only fair since you're using their time), and the continue buying here, there, wherever you like.

    Age: 30-39     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • nycballerina   12/26/2012

    5 star rating


    These toe pads are just perfect. They feel amazing and give your foot a lot of padding, without being bulky. These toe pads fit my foot shape really well, and doesn't fall off. I would recommend wearing these above the tights not underneath them. They give plenty of support when on pointe, and they don't move around while dancing. They have enough room to put a toe spacer or two, without being to big. These toe pads have been lifesavers, and I believe every dancer will fall in love with them.

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  • Samantha   11/01/2011

    5 star rating


    These are the most amazing toe pad ever! They give you alot of support and they have gel on the inside. You can even wash them in the washing machine! The only bad thing is that mine tend to smell REALLY bad.

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  • Rezzy   10/02/2010

    5 star rating


    These pads are just right! They cover everything and you can't even feel them! They just work! Ouch pouches are supposed to release the pressure on your toes by kind of distributing the weight of your body more evenly. Or so I've been told. I like a little bit of pain just because I've been on pointe for a while now. So I wouldn't recommend these for beginners. These pads last a really long time and can be washed even molded to your foot when damp. If your going for more even coverage try these. They work best when your shoes are fitted absolutely perfect. Just make sure these are the right choice for you, try them.

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  • Anonymous   10/12/2009

    5 star rating

    I love this. I used to use Gellows and they were way too thick. These give you enough padding so that it doesn't hurt, but you can still feel the floor. I use a little white sports tape on my big toe so that it doesn't feel crunch and this makes the pads way better. I used to use lambs wool and this product is way better.

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  • Natasha   06/28/2008

    4 star rating


    These are nice! I wear these with big tip, pinky pads, and jelly tips, and it was a great combination! All four of these made my pointe work almost painless and I could still feel the floor! Although the downside with Ouch Pouches is that it gets smelly easily... but washing it wont hurt :] I highly recommend these!

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  • Sybil   01/04/2008

    1 star rating

    I really did not like these very much.... The "sleeker shape" did not help at all. I have really really long toes, and well, they just stunk. I like the old Ouch Pouches much better.

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  • Rebekah   09/29/2007
    New York,

    1 star rating


    These are very bulky! I ordered them for more overall protection, and instead, my feet felt squashed and, as another reviewer said, suffocated. I couldn't feel the floor either. If you like thinner padding, don't get these!

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  • RayRay   04/20/2007

    4 star rating


    These are very comfortable, it lets you feel the floor with COMFORT! GREAT for beginners. Thin and yet comfy. It fits perfectly with my pointe shoes -- doesn't show!

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  • superdancer1992   12/18/2006

    1 star rating


    These pads were way too bulky and I couldn't feel the floor at all. My toes were also extremely squished when I wore these. I wouldn't recommend them.

    Was this review helpful to you?12515 thumbs up012515 thumbs down2

  • Tiffany   12/08/2006

    5 star rating


    These are the best Ouch-Pouches I have ever had. My old ones didn't have more coverage in the bunion area and would slip off in my pointe shoe. These, however, stay on my feet and protect the sides of my feet from blisters. Great for beginners :)

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  • GiGi   09/03/2006

    5 star rating

    After trying the gels, it quite didn't fit my feet, however, when I switched to these, they fit incredibly well.

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  • Toe pads     03/13/2014
    Age: 35 to 44    

    My daughter wears a size 6 2x in point shoes, size 7-71/2 in street shoes. So would she wear a small

    Unfortunately this item is not sized based upon what you would wear in your shoes, what I can tell you is the large is about 1/4" longer and wider than small. Both have a deep cut vamp to match the line of the pointe shoe,
    - DDS Customer Service (03/13/2014)

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  • Samantha     02/10/2013
    Aspen, Co, Usa     Age: 25 to 34    

    Is this the Pro PadPro Pad?

    Hi, I am looking for the ouch pouch without the padding on the ball, only on top. I just want to make sure this is it, since the description doesn't mention it. Thank you!

    The item you would need that best fits this description would be item BH1205.
    - DDS Customer Service (02/11/2013)

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