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Womens TotalSTRETCH Canvas Split Sole Ballet Shoes by Angelo Luzio

Style No: 246A
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The TotalStretch canvas ballet shoe is made from an antibacterial and wicking stretch canvas on a curved shoe to create a left and right shoe. There is an anatomically correct deep cut inner top-line sole arch design for flattering arches. The bungie memory, soft coated lingerie elastic draw string is bound by an elastic binding for an optimum and non-abrasive hold. It snugs the slipper to your foot so no straps are required. Features a split suede leather sole and heel patch, with a spongy leather sole for comfort. The short front sole and long pleats allow room for toes and arch enhancement. The strong canvas supports and protects muscles with a secure fit. Pre-sewn attached elastics.

See sizing tab for important fitting suggestions.

Upper: Canvas; Sole: Leather

Suggested Fitting: Women order 2.0 to 2.5 sizes smaller than street.
Men order same as street.
Available in sizes:
(adult) 3.0-10.0 M,W
Converting Girls to Womens Sizes
First increase the child street shoe size by two. Then follow the suggested fitting for the adult shoe you are purchasing.
Girls Street Size Womens Street Size
1.0 3.0
1.5 3.5
2.0 4.0
2.5 4.5
3.0 5.0
3.5 5.5
4.0 6.0
4.5 6.5

This information is shown as a guide only and not a guarantee.
Actual fitting may vary.

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  • Ms   10/07/2020

    3 star rating


    I’m a 5.5 in regular shoes so I got a 4.5 and whew, they are baggy! Super soft and comfy, but not the right size. Will probably get another 1 size down.

    Age: 15 to 18     Fit: Runs very large     Comfort: 5 star rating    

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  • aerialcheryl   09/04/2020

    5 star rating


    I have long narrow flat feet and these were exactly what I wanted. They fit perfectly, the floor feels amazing through them and the shoe gives my foot a flattering line. The stretch canvas is great with no extra bulging material when pointing the foot.

    Age: 30 to 39     Fit: True to size     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Kimmy    08/28/2019

    5 star rating


    These are the best ballet flats I have ever owned I now have them in every color and I have recommended them to several other girls I dance with who also are now in love with them! I'm a 6.5 shoe and a 4.5 with these flats

    Age: 22 to 29     Fit: True to size     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Anonymous   11/21/2017

    5 star rating


    I've been wearing them for years. I have large bunions and narrow feet. They are the only shoes that I have found that are very comfortable and look good.

    Fit: True to size     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Anonymous   08/05/2017

    1 star rating

    Are we not supposed to dance? maybe I should buy mens shoes?

    Hello. Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback. I do apologize for any confusion but suggested fitting for this shoe is to order 2-2.5 sizes smaller than your street size. This shoe would fit up to a size 12.5. We love all dancers no matter how small/big their shoe size is. In case if you need larger than 12.5 we also have amazing Sansha unisex ballet slippers with style number S1C and their women sizes go up to 17. - Elina

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  • CR   10/17/2016

    2 star rating

    The canvas is thick and the shoe seems really durable. But the front sole has a piece of leather under the shoe and a piece of leather INSIDE the shoe. Makes the front really thick. I won't be dancing in these because all I feel is the shoe - more specifically the front sole - and not the floor. I also don't like the drawstring but I could live with it if the sole wasn't so thick. I wear a street size 7 and ordered a 5 and the fit was fine.

    Age: 40 to 49     Fit: Runs large     Comfort: 2 star rating     Durability: 4 star rating    

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  • Stella   09/04/2016
    East Lansing,MI

    5 star rating

    Street shoes 8.5, jazz shoes 6W. I always choose the widest option for my shoes. So I ordered 6W. It's awesome to have identification to each foot.

    Age: 22 to 29     Fit: True to size     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 4 star rating    

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  • Anonymous   07/02/2016

    5 star rating

    I was originally going to purchase the sansha pro slippers (the ones I have worn for years), but they were out of stock in my size. So, I purchased these instead. I could not be happier! They are very stretchy and comfortable! They also fit perfectly. Other girls at my studio began asking what kind they were, and now they have them too. Overall couldn't be happier.

    Fit: True to size     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Yulia   03/26/2016

    5 star rating


    Before switching to these shoes, in January of 2016, I wore Bloch Pro-Elastic slippers. Do not get me wrong, those are some fine slippers, but they didn't support my foot enough (I have "thick", high-instepped feet, and the Pro-Elastics just kept on falling off, especially the heel). And they weren't very stretchy, which was a little vexatious at times. These shoes, on the other hand, were amazing. They flattered my feet so well, supported (and continue to support) them, and were the stretchiest shoes I've ever worn. Some of my friends, who have flat feet, also love these shoes because they're so flattering, no matter what foot type you have. Once you switch to these, you'll never want to go back to any other brand of technique slippers.

    Age: 15-18     Comfort: 4 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Palooki   12/05/2015

    2 star rating


    These were recommend to me. But I don't like the at all. They seem very well made and nice for the right foot and person. The canvas is really thick and I can't feel the floor like my other canvas Bloch slippers. Will not even use them :(

    Age: 30-39     Comfort: 2 star rating     Durability: 1 star rating    

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  • Saipanda   08/18/2015

    5 star rating


    I wear size 9W, I ordered 7W and its a perfect fit. Very comfortable. Lining inside is staying on place, because its has been sewed. I love it and I'll ordering more for myself.

    Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • StaceyS   12/10/2014

    4 star rating


    We tried these for my daughter who has a very, very narrow (AAA), tapered foot. It did hug her arch nicely, because of the design, and was comfortable, but we found that the shoe simply had *way* too much extra material around the toes. At one point, she stepped on the extra fabric during a soutenu turn and tripped. I'm just putting this up here because some people are saying that it's a good shoe for narrow feet. This was our experience with the "Narrow", *not* the "Medium", so keep that in mind.

    Age: 30-39     Comfort: 4 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Nik123   09/25/2014

    3 star rating

    OKAY BUT..

    I bought this 2 sizes smaller as what the sizing chart says. It fit snugly, which it shouldnt be. There are no room for my toes when I roll through or releve.

    Comfort: 3 star rating     Durability: 3 star rating    

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  • mnlc   08/01/2014

    5 star rating


    I cannot say enough about the great fit of this ballet shoe. My daughter is only 10 years old but wears a woman's size 7 shoe and has EXTREMELY narrow and skinny feet. Shoe shopping is a nightmare for any kind of shoe. This shoe fits great even on her narrow heels. Size 5 fits perfectly (2 sizes down from her shoe size). Still a little roomy in the toe but so much better than any store bought ballet shoe we have ever had.

    Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • rhmom   05/27/2014

    4 star rating


    I bought 2 sizes smaller than street size and shoe fits very snugly without any room at toes. I might try 1 size larger the next time I order so that I can spread my toes and grip the floor more easily. If you are buying these for children with growing feet, I would suggest 1 size larger than street size. Shoe is very comfortable.

    Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 4 star rating    

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  • Student12345   04/08/2014

    5 star rating


    I am a size 6 1/2 Womens and I wear a size 4 1/2 medium in these shoes. These shoes are totally amazing!! They are a perfect pink color, and they fit like a glove. They make my arches look amazing and I have gotten so many compliments on my feet since I started wearing them. I have always worn full sole leather because my studio requires the Grades to wear them, so these are my first pair of split sole canvas since I am in Advanced 1. I am extremely pleased with these shoes and they are definitely a must have! Also, the price is extremely affordable, which is nice. Please buy these shoes!!!

    Age: 15-18     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • natashia   09/17/2013

    5 star rating


    I didn't like regular canvas, and only wore leather ballet slippers for years. Then I heard of stretch canvas, and wanted to try them. Ordering size is kinda tricky though. I am not sure why, but I wear street size 6, (sometimes even 5.5) but when it comes to ballet slippers and pointe shoes, I always end up wearing bigger sizes. I ordered 5.0 M, and they fit perfectly. I actually tried another type of stretch canvas, and my size was 5 narrow. Maybe it's just my feet, but as long as you know your size, these are great! They mark left/right and elastic is already sewn (unlike the pics you see). I love my new ballet slippers. If you never tried stretch canvas, but do not like regular canvas, you should give it a try :)

    Age: 30-39     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Anonymous   04/14/2013

    5 star rating

    My entire studio's competition team wears these shoes for ballet. They are absolutely amazing I have had mine since December 2012 and still see barely any signs of wear for 2 hours + every week I spend in ballet its pretty amazing. I'm a size 6.5 - 7 in street shoes and i wear a 4.5 medium. Sadly I wrote a great review on Grishko Ultimates and I regret it because they are/were awful shoes my feet killed when I wore those. I am deeply sorry for writing that my apology. But buy these i bought them from my studio and when I watch them onstage at competition it makes everyones pointe look incredible. Ballet is very technical but with the right shoes its better then you think. The comfort and quality of this shoes is incredible they feel weightless on your feet and holding them as well the elastic that comes with the shoe is high quality and will not fray. So stop reading bad reviews of this shoe and just go buy them at this second!!!!!!!!!!! I know I will never wear any other shoe.

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  • clfmd2   12/23/2012

    5 star rating


    My daughter and her dance buddies all love this shoe. It is a different feel than other canvas shoes due to the stretchy canvas. We were going through capezio canvas shoes at a ridiculous rate because the canvas is very soft and breaks down quickly. These shoes mold to the foot but maintain some smooth shape rather than seeing every toe bump so the line is smoother. It looks great on the arch. Durability has been fantastic in our experience. I throw these in the regular wash all the time; not even on delicate! We only replace when the dirt is just too ground in or we had to dye or pancake a pair and wanted a fresh peach one. (Fortunately her foot has stopped growing!) They definitely have a different feel than traditional canvas, so you will either love them or not (or possibly get used to them.) You will need the elastics; they need to drop that marketing, it is silly. My daughter wears 8-9 street shoe (shoes vary a lot!) , consistently a 5 XXXXX Grishko elite pointe shoe and wears a 6 Wide in these ballets flats. She has a wide forefoot and a narrow heel. Hope this helps!

    Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • doge   08/09/2012

    2 star rating


    worst. shoes. me and my friend both got them and its like the canvas isnt canvas or something... theyre so thick and hard they retain shape too well. they just stay in one shape. my feet look awful in them, theyre ok for turning and theyre so uncomfortable. they dont stretch and form to your foot at all, i like something a little more lightweight and floppy but not like a rag. this is like a boxing glove.

    Fit: True to size     Comfort: 2 star rating     Durability: 3 star rating    

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  • Bunhead2   07/12/2012

    4 star rating


    This product is light and flexible unlike other shoes that are stiff. They form to the shape of your arch and make it very easy to move in the shoe. The fabric is great at barre but can feel slippery during floor work. The fabric against tights on the inside of the shoe makes it feel like it's falling off but it never is really. They won't last very long, the seams come apart after awhile but once sewn back up, it doesn't come apart again. Overall, they're a great buy. They aren't very expensive so buying a new pair isn't a problem.

    Age: 15-18     Fit: True to size     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 2 star rating    

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  • blackbeltballerina18   06/19/2012

    5 star rating


    I'got these pretty close to when they first came out and i' love them to death:) .....i'have been dancing in them at school for 2 and 1/2 hours a day 5-days a week and then afterschool at the studio for about 5 hours or more everyday minus sunday....they have lasted me longer than any other ballet shoe i've ever tried.....until recently my ballet has been gettin more serious so my shoes have finally started to fall apart but i'm definitely buying these again

    Age: 15-18     Fit: True to size     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • tightsup   05/07/2012

    2 star rating


    I have had my totalstretch canvas shoes about six months now and I have probably re-sewn every seam on them. The first time I wore them, the bottom seam on the right shoe opened up the entire length of the sole. The back seams (heel seams) have opened up as well. In short, the stitching is very cheap and not at all durable. I like the lightness and stretchiness of the canvas, though perhaps because the shoe is so flimsy I found that I needed to order a whole size down from the size chart's recommendations. The claim that you won't need elastics is a bit specious: if you're doing any kind of grand allegro or turns, you'd better sew on those elastics or these will come right off when the seams split!

    Fit: True to size    

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  • Anonymous   01/14/2012

    5 star rating

    Fantastic fit. No unsightly gaps or wrinkles. No uncomfortable bump under the metatarsal. Makes arches look better than other shoes. Loaned them to another dancer and she has not yet returned them because she loves them too. Love that they are designed for right/left foot. Highly recommend this Total Stretch Canvas Slipper by Bodywrappers. I wear 6.5 women's street shoe and 4M fit snug-perfect.

    Fit: True to size     Comfort: 4 star rating     Durability: 3 star rating    

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  • Elizabeth     01/28/2020

    Is there an option to get custom vegan soles with these?

    We apologize, this item is not currently avail in vegan material.
    - DDS Customer Service (02/14/2020)

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  • Emily     11/29/2018
    Essexville-mi     Age: 30 to 39    

    Strapsno straps?

    There are no straps shown on the color I need but there are straps shown on the others. Description says "no straps needed" but then also says "pre-sewn elastic" Very confusingwould like to know before I purchase. Thank you.

    This split canvas does come with pre-sewn elastics so no additional straps or ribbons are required.
    - DDS Customer Service (11/30/2018)

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  • dancerinthedesert     02/24/2015
    Age: 35 to 44    

    How does the M width fit for a narrow foot?

    My daughter has been wearing the Mirella Ballon for 2 years, which has been discontinued by DDS-very sad!!! She is a narrow 5-5.5 street shoe, and has been wearing the Ballon in a 2.5 B. Her pointe shoes are Grishko Pro-Quiet 2007, 4.5 XX. How will the M width fit in this shoe, since there is no narrow width available? Our local dance shop carries only Bloch, and they look terrible on her foot.

    The medium width generally fits narrow feet well due to it being made out of stretch canvas.
    - DDS Customer Service (02/26/2015)

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  • luvmykidz     04/11/2014

    Do these come with straps to sew on?

    The picture that is shown doesn't have them and there's nothing in the write up that mentions it.

    It states in the description that the pre-sewn elastic is attached.
    - DDS Customer Service (04/14/2014)

    The criss cross straps are attached when they arrive. - Mnlc (08/02/2014)

    Yes these ballet shoes come with straps to sew on! The straps are really high quality and won't fray! - Discountdanceforever (08/06/2014)

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