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Angelo Luzio Lyrical & Modern  in Jazzy Tan #620A filename 620a_2.jpg
Angelo Luzio Lyrical & Modern  in Jazzy Tan #620A filename 620a_1.jpg
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Womens Canvas Lyrical Shoes

Style No: 620A
OUR PRICE: $23.29
RETAIL VALUE: $26.50 (Save 12%)
3.5 stars ( 8 ) down arrow to reveal review stats

Modern canvas pleated half sole slipper features an anatomically curved last with left and right construction, double gripper elastic at the back heel, and freedom pleats that allow pointe-to-flex toe freedom. Ideal for modern and contemporary lyrical dancing.


  • Upper: Canvas/Elastic; Sole: Leather

Suggested Fitting: Women order 2-3 sizes smaller than street size
Available in sizes:
(adult) 3.0-10.0 M No Half Sizes
Converting Girls to Womens Sizes
First increase the child street shoe size by two. Then follow the suggested fitting for the adult shoe you are purchasing.
Girls Street Size Womens Street Size
1.0 3.0
1.5 3.5
2.0 4.0
2.5 4.5
3.0 5.0
3.5 5.5
4.0 6.0
4.5 6.5

This information is shown as a guide only and not a guarantee.
Actual fitting may vary.

Size: Adult 03
Color: Jazzy tan
6 to 12 Available
Size: Adult 04
Color: Jazzy tan
13 to 24 Available
Size: Adult 05
Color: Jazzy tan
13 to 24 Available
Size: Adult 06
Color: Jazzy tan
13 to 24 Available
Size: Adult 07
Color: Jazzy tan
13 to 24 Available
Size: Adult 08
Color: Jazzy tan
13 to 24 Available
Size: Adult 09
Color: Jazzy tan
6 to 12 Available
Size: Adult 10
Color: Jazzy tan
Limited Quantity Available

Item availability is intended as a rough guide only. If an item is listed as 'Out of Stock' and we are accepting orders for it the order will be placed on backorder and your credit card will NOT be charged until the item has shipped. You may cancel the order at any time before the item ships.

In most cases if an item is listed as 'In Stock' your purchase will be shipped in a timely manner. However, due to the constant flow of orders into our system we cannot guarantee the immediate availability of any product.


Girls Canvas Lyrical Shoes - 620C
4 Stars

Womens Leather Lyrical Shoes - 621A
4 Stars

  • dcrouch1   12/08/2019

    5 star rating


    My daughter loves these shoes. We reorder these every time, even though she has tried on other shoes. She dances 6-8 hours a day and these shoes hold up for months. Since she has very wide metatarsals we order up for a little extra space. This is why I chose runs small, but it is likely because of her foot shape. However, the heel straps do stay put very well on her narrow heels.

    Age: 40 to 49     Fit: Runs small     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • Tegan   01/21/2016

    3 star rating


    These are DARK! They bunch on the bottom and not tapered by the toes, they seems baggy. Just order the capezio ones.

    Age: 22-29     Comfort: 4 star rating     Durability: 3 star rating    

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  • SofC   11/15/2015

    4 star rating


    I normally wouldn't order from this company although this exact show is required for my company. We use these 24/7. By the first week I had small holes on the underside of them. Sometimes the lining of the sole of the shoe on the inside is bothersome because there is a strip of fabric that annoys my feet. But overall it's a good shoe for lyrical/jazz.

    Age: 15-18     Comfort: 4 star rating     Durability: 4 star rating    

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  • Anna2   12/21/2014

    3 star rating


    I haven't worn these shoes enough to say anything about durability, but the first thing I noticed is that the shoe part immediately starts to shift/tilt towards the inner part of the foot after wearing it for only a few minutes. This gives the look of sickling and can create an unflattering line. Besides that they are perfectly usable, but I tend to not wear them for this reason.

    Age: 15-18     Comfort: 3 star rating     Durability: 3 star rating    

    Was this review helpful to you?191084 thumbs up3191084 thumbs down2

  • Tamie   10/12/2013

    1 star rating


    My 12-year old daughter wears about a 9 1/2 (not wide) adult size street shoe. She can also sometimes fit an 8 1/2 wide. I ordered both the adult size 7 and size 8 half-sole. The 7 was just a bit too small for her. The 8 seemed to fit well, plenty of width, but the area where the pleated material comes together under the leather created a large bump of material that made it extremely hard for her balance on the ball of her foot. Interestingly, the size 7 didn't have as much of a bump, but as my daughter tried out the shoe for a few minutes, it started to hurt the bottom of her feet. We will have to return the shoes.

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  • Meliss   09/14/2012

    2 star rating


    I was very excited to receive these in the mail today. I put them on and immediately fell in love. They look really good on the feet. However, when I went to my kitchen to try a few piourettes in them, I had extreme immediate pain on the balls of my feet when I when I went to demi pointe in my turn. Even relieve/demi pointe in second position was very painful. I took the shoes off and inspected them. I have never before seen some much pleating on a soft shoe! There's so much that it bulks up at the leather sole portion of the shoe, which would be fine, expect that the material is canvas and cut too soon so as to create a large bump where the ball of your foot is. These are being returned. If you do end up buying these, make sure you order at least x2 sizes smaller than your street shoes or the non-adjustable strap will slip.

    Age: 22-29     Fit: True to size     Comfort: 1 star rating    

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  • mandag   07/31/2012

    5 star rating


    I love these shoes. I haven't worn them to practice yet but I've worn them around the house a little bit. I wear a 6 in street shoes and ordered a 5 in these. They seem to fit pretty well and are comfortable. They look cute, as well. They make turning really easy without being too bulky.

    Age: 19-21     Fit: True to size     Comfort: 5 star rating    

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  • blackbeltballerina18   06/15/2012

    5 star rating


    I got these for my dance recital because they were required for my contemporary class, and have been in love with them ever since...one thing that bugs me about them is that they have two straps, the adjustable and non-adjustable one, the non-adjustable one slips off if you have a narrow heel, and i have a narrow heel, I told my friends who had to buy them for recital this year to buy them a size smaller then your street shoe, because a week of intense classes later they will slide off your feet if they are your actual shoe size when your buy them....otherwise overall another great product by bodywrappers

    Age: 15-18     Fit: True to size     Comfort: 5 star rating     Durability: 5 star rating    

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  • stacey     07/12/2014

    if my son is in a men's size 10 what size should i get for this shoe?

    Based on the sizing, he would want to get these in a size 9 or 10. He would first need to convert to women's sizing by going up 2 sizes (12) and then the sizing on this shoe for women is to order 2-3 sizes smaller.
    - DDS Customer Service (07/14/2014)

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  • Tamie     12/30/2013

    Why can I not edit my review?

    I actually bought these half-soles again, hoping and praying that the ones I received would not have the bump under the ball of my daughter's foot.this time. Thankfully, they didn't, and she absolutely loves these shoes! I wanted to post another review stating this, but was unable to. It would be nice to make changes to past reviews or add a second review stating new opinions.

    I agree. I've written a lot of hasty reviews in the past that do not reflect how I eventually felt about the product in the end. - Anna2 (12/21/2014)

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