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Mariia Crown Clearance Items  in Blue #ME637Cx filename me637c_12.jpg
Mariia Crown Clearance Items  in Blue #ME637Cx filename me637c_13.jpg
Mariia Crown Clearance Items  in Cocoa #ME637Cx filename me637c_9.jpg
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Mariia Crown Clearance Items  in Wine #ME637Cx filename me637c_14.jpg
Mariia Crown Clearance Items  in Mint #ME637Cx filename me637c_1.jpg
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Girls Pull-On Rehearsal Skirt

Style No: ME637Cx
OUR PRICE: $12.44
RETAIL VALUE: $37.00 (Save 66%)
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Introducing the new exclusive Mariia Crown collection of luxury uniform pieces for the Modern Ballerina. The quality of the Mariia Crown collection is unmatched, featuring a super-soft sueded polyester/lycra/tricot blend. This exquisite, high-performance fabric is soft to the touch while wicking away moisture as it effortlessly follows your curves with every move.


  • 82% Polyester / 18% Lycra

*Sale item - If out of stock this item will be cancelled, no backorders. All sales on this item are final, no refunds or exchanges. Please check inventory before ordering this item.

Suggested fitting for this item:

Girls Sizes XS S I M L XL XXL
Bust 18-21" 20-23" 22-25" 24-27" 26-29" 28-31" 30-34"
Waist 18-21" 20-23" 22-25" 24-27" 26-29" 28-31" 30-34"
Hips 19-22" 23-26" 25-28" 27-30" 29-32" 31-34" 33-37"
Girth 37-40" 41-44" 45-47" 48-50" 51-53" 53-54" 54-55"

This information is shown as a guide only and not a guarantee.
Actual fitting may vary.

Inventory for Style No: ME637Cx
Item DescriptionQuantity
ME637CBLKI - Color: Black Size: I 34
ME637CBLKL - Color: Black Size: L 11
ME637CBLKM - Color: Black Size: M 19
ME637CBLKS - Color: Black Size: S 31
ME637CBLKXS - Color: Black Size: XS 38
ME637CBLUI - Color: Blue Size: I 13
ME637CBLUL - Color: Blue Size: L 110
ME637CBLUM - Color: Blue Size: M 106
ME637CBLUS - Color: Blue Size: S 74
ME637CBLUXS - Color: Blue Size: XS 7
ME637CCOAI - Color: Cocoa Size: I 6
ME637CCOAL - Color: Cocoa Size: L 14
ME637CCOAM - Color: Cocoa Size: M 9
ME637CCOAS - Color: Cocoa Size: S 7
ME637CCOAXS - Color: Cocoa Size: XS 12
ME637CLBLI - Color: Light Blue Size: I 15
ME637CLBLL - Color: Light Blue Size: L 19
ME637CLBLM - Color: Light Blue Size: M 20
ME637CLBLS - Color: Light Blue Size: S 46
ME637CLBLXS - Color: Light Blue Size: XS 5
ME637CLTNI - Color: Light Tan Size: I Only 2 Left @ 2
ME637CLTNL - Color: Light Tan Size: L Only 2 Left @ 2
ME637CLTNM - Color: Light Tan Size: M 45
ME637CLTNS - Color: Light Tan Size: S 7
ME637CLTNXS - Color: Light Tan Size: XS 12
ME637CMAUI - Color: Mauve Size: I Only 3 Left @ 3
ME637CMAUL - Color: Mauve Size: L 14
ME637CMAUM - Color: Mauve Size: M 12
ME637CMAUS - Color: Mauve Size: S 12
ME637CMAUXS - Color: Mauve Size: XS 21
ME637CMINI - Color: Mint Size: I 6
ME637CMINL - Color: Mint Size: L 12
ME637CMINM - Color: Mint Size: M 15
ME637CMINS - Color: Mint Size: S 53
ME637CMINXS - Color: Mint Size: XS 25
ME637CNAVI - Color: Navy Size: I 16
ME637CNAVL - Color: Navy Size: L 8
ME637CNAVM - Color: Navy Size: M 35
ME637CNAVS - Color: Navy Size: S 21
ME637CNAVXS - Color: Navy Size: XS 12
ME637CREDI - Color: Red Size: I 65
ME637CREDL - Color: Red Size: L 50
ME637CREDM - Color: Red Size: M 60
ME637CREDS - Color: Red Size: S 56
ME637CREDXS - Color: Red Size: XS 29
ME637CROSI - Color: Rose Size: I 41
ME637CROSL - Color: Rose Size: L 44
ME637CROSM - Color: Rose Size: M 38
ME637CROSS - Color: Rose Size: S 23
ME637CROSXS - Color: Rose Size: XS Only 3 Left @ 3
ME637CWHTI - Color: White Size: I Only 1 Left @ 1
ME637CWHTL - Color: White Size: L 39
ME637CWHTM - Color: White Size: M 35
ME637CWHTS - Color: White Size: S 62
ME637CWHTXS - Color: White Size: XS 9
ME637CWINI - Color: Wine Size: I 15
ME637CWINL - Color: Wine Size: L 22
ME637CWINM - Color: Wine Size: M 65
ME637CWINS - Color: Wine Size: S 10
ME637CWINXS - Color: Wine Size: XS 11

Item availability is intended as a rough guide only. If an item is listed as 'Out of Stock' and we are accepting orders for it the order will be placed on backorder and your credit card will NOT be charged until the item has shipped. You may cancel the order at any time before the item ships.

In most cases if an item is listed as 'In Stock' your purchase will be shipped in a timely manner. However, due to the constant flow of orders into our system we cannot guarantee the immediate availability of any product.

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