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Adult Unisex 48" Stirrup Legwarmers

Style No: 92

Sorry, this item is sold out.

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Bodywrappers 48" stirrup legwarmers. Machine wash cold with like colors, dry flat. Do not bleach.

Perfect for men too!


  • 100% Acrylic

  • tiger     01/07/2013

    1 means one PAIR, right?

    I ordered a pair of legwarmers that apparently are on backorder at the moment. Quantity was 1. That IS a pair and not just one leg warmer.....right?

    yes you ordered a pair, if it's something like leg warmers or shoes generally "quantity 1" means you're getting 1 pair. - Kaityk (08/16/2013)

    One pair, of course! :) - Natashia (09/10/2013)

    Yes. Legwarmers are sold as a pair. 1 pair means two legwarmers. - Dancinggoddess (09/15/2013)

    I bought them in store and they are packaged as a pair. - Clsp (12/03/2013)

    Yes, they are almost always sold in pairs, like socks are. - Rarasaurous (05/27/2014)

    The shipment includes one set of leg warmers (one for each leg). - Helenm22 (11/24/2014)

    Yes, when ordering one (1) that referes to one pair of legwarmers. If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.
    - DDS Customer Service (06/01/2015)

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