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Guide for New Dancers and Dance Parents: Selecting Ballet Shoes
by Discount Dance | Posted on Feb. 21st 2024

Selecting the right ballet shoes is essential for your child's comfort and performance in dance. When you are new to dance the selection can be overwhelming. Discount Dance with over 40 years' experience provides a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the diverse collection of ballet shoe styles and choose the perfect pair:

Types of Ballet Shoes

Full Sole Ballet Shoes:

  • Full sole ballet shoes are great for beginners.
  • Have a continuous sole on the underside of the shoe that offers more support.
  • Offer more structure, resistance, and stable base making it easier to balance, jump and turn.
  • Ideal for building foot strength and muscle.

Split Sole Ballet Shoes:

  • Have a split sole under the ball and heel of the foot.
  • Provide greater flexibility, allowing for better foot technique and form.
  • Preferred by well-trained or advanced dancers due to less structure beneath the foot.

How to Choose Ballet Shoes:

  • Consider the dancer's skill level, foot size, and preferences in material and color.
  • Popular brands like Theatricals, Bloch, Capezio, So Danca, and Sansha offer a variety of options.
  • Review the vast selection on Our customer representatives are here to help guide you.
    Feel free to reach out to [email protected] or text 45034.

Buying Ballet Shoes for Beginners:

  • Theatricals brand shoes offer a great value for first-time dancers.
  • Full sole shoes with durable materials are suitable for beginners.
  • Leather shoes provide a solid foundation for improving foot strength.
  • Transition to more flexible split sole shoes as the dancer progresses.

Girls Beginner Leather Full Sole
Style: T1000C

Girls 'Daisy' Leather Full Sole
Style: 205C

Girls Premium Leather Full Sole
Style: T2000C

Girls 'Belle' Leather Full Sole
Style: S0227G

Girls 'Dansoft' Leather Full Sole
Style: S0205G

Finding the Right Size:

  • Ballet shoes should feel snug without compromising comfort.
  • Watch for signs of improper fit, such as discomfort, toes bending, or straps digging into the foot.
  • Elastic straps should hold the shoe securely without causing discomfort or restricting movement.
  • Ballet shoe sizes can vary based on brand, style, and individual foot shape.
  • Make sure you read the sizing recommendations, review the size chart, and if you need additional information reach out to customer service.

Does the color matter?
You will notice that while your teacher is asking for 'ballet pink' the shoes are generally a light pink/peach color. This is normal and the standard. In recent years companies have added several skin tone shades to their selection. Traditionally, ballet shoes were designed to match a pale flesh tone to create a uniform appearance on stage. However, as awareness of diversity and inclusion has grown, there has been a shift towards offering ballet shoes and tights in a wider range of skin tones to better reflect the diverse backgrounds of dancers.

Choosing ballet shoes in a color that matches the dancer's skin tone can help create a more inclusive and representative environment in dance studios and on stage. It allows dancers of all ethnicities to feel seen and celebrated, promoting a sense of belonging and acceptance within the dance community.

Furthermore, having access to ballet shoes in a variety of skin tones ensures that dancers can find shoes that closely match their own skin color, enhancing the visual aesthetics of performances and allowing dancers to focus on their artistry without distraction. If you are interested in matching your skin tone, make sure that you check out our True Bare skin tone system and match your undergarments, with your tights and shoes. View True Bare styles

In summary, while the color of ballet shoes may seem like a small detail, it plays a significant role in promoting diversity, inclusivity, and representation within the dance world.

Text Lovedance to 45034

By following these guidelines and considering the dancer's needs, you can confidently select ballet shoes that provide both comfort and support for every dance class and performance.



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