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Items will contain at least one of the following fabrics. View individual items for specific fabric content.

Acrylic (10)
Cotton (13)
Denier (1)
Fleece (1)
Lycra (2)
Nylon (25)
Poly (42)
Rayon (2)
Silk (1)
Spandex (23)
Tulle (1)
Velvet (3)
Vinyl (1)
Wool (1)

Accessories > Makeup & Cosmetics
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Final Seal Matte Sealer
Zebra Print Cosmetic Hanging Bag
Heart Shaped Glitter Eye Shadow Kit
Tutu Makeup Palette
Ben Nye Final Seal Matte Sealer

Discount Dance Supply Zebra Print Cosmetic Hanging Bag

Dasha Heart Shaped Glitter Eye Shadow Kit

Cliche Cosmetics Tutu Makeup Palette

Fair:Light-Medium Creme Personal Kit
5 Color Makeup Palette
1.75oz Neutral Face Powder
Spirit Gum
Ben Nye Fair:Light-Medium Creme Personal Kit

Available colors for style: FSS
BA Star 5 Color Makeup Palette

Ben Nye 1.75oz Neutral Face Powder

Ben Nye Spirit Gum

Fair:Lightest Creme Personal Kit
Blotting Papers
3.5oz Neutral Face Powder
Tattoo Cover-All
Ben Nye Fair:Lightest Creme Personal Kit

Capezio Blotting Papers

Ben Nye 3.5oz Neutral Face Powder

Ben Nye Tattoo Cover-All

White Creme Foundation
Silver Sparklers Glitter .14oz
Olive:Fair-Medium Creme Personal Kit
Olive Fair Creme Foundation
Ben Nye White Creme Foundation

Ben Nye Silver Sparklers Glitter .14oz

Ben Nye Olive:Fair-Medium Creme Personal Kit

Ben Nye Olive Fair Creme Foundation

Fire Red Sparklers Glitter .14oz
Cover All
Opal Ice Sparklers Glitter .5oz
3.5oz Fair Face Powder
Ben Nye Fire Red Sparklers Glitter .14oz

Ben Nye Cover All

Ben Nye Opal Ice Sparklers Glitter .5oz

Ben Nye 3.5oz Fair Face Powder

123Show All (50)