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1 T.L.C. Elastic Ribbon
Extra Support Extension Stretch Ribbon
Invisible Elastic
Elastorib Ribbon 7/8
NEW! Gaynor Minden 1" T.L.C. Elastic Ribbon

Prima Soft Extra Support Extension Stretch Ribbon

Gaynor Minden Invisible Elastic

Bloch Elastorib Ribbon 7/8"

Mesh Elastic
European Pink Elastic
3/4 Elastic
Bulk 3/4 Wide Elastic
Chacott Mesh Elastic

Available colors for style: ELAST
Freed European Pink Elastic

Gaynor Minden 3/4" Elastic

Freed Bulk 3/4" Wide Elastic

Bulk 1/2 Narrow Elastic
Pointe Shoe Ribbon
Bulk 1 Wide Ribbon
Standard 3/4 Elastic
Freed Bulk 1/2" Narrow Elastic

Russian Pointe Pointe Shoe Ribbon

Freed Bulk 1" Wide Ribbon

Russian Pointe Standard 3/4" Elastic

Pointe Shoe Ribbon Kit
Bolt of 1 Woven Elastic
1 Pink Mesh Elastic
European Pink Ribbon 1
Body Wrappers Pointe Shoe Ribbon Kit

Suffolk Bolt of 1" Woven Elastic

Bloch 1" Pink Mesh Elastic

Freed European Pink Ribbon 1"

European Pink Ribbon
Extension Stretch Ribbon
Double Sided Ribbon Set
1 Wide Ribbon
Available colors for style: CAP
Capezio European Pink Ribbon

Prima Soft Extension Stretch Ribbon

Suffolk Double Sided Ribbon Set

Grishko 1" Wide Ribbon

1234Show All (70)