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  1. questionArt Stone Costume Return Policy
    Art Stone Costume Policy All sales of this item are final, no returns or exchanges except for defective merchandise.

  2. questionHow many Dress Code lists can I create?
    You can create as many as you need.

  3. questionDo you accept Purchase Orders from public or private schools?
    We do accept Purchase Orders from schools and/or school districts. You can call Customer Service at (800) 470-1664 to have a Credit Application faxed or emailed to you. Processing time for the Credit Application can take up to two weeks once you have been approved. You can fax your Purchase Orde ...

  4. questionI don't see the teacher price when I order. How do I know I am getting the special teacher price?
    As long as you have logged into your teacher account online, your discounts will automatically be applied. You will see the discounts received on the checkout page listed in red, and also on your confirmation email once the order has been placed.

  5. questionWhat happens to my Rewards Points if I send something back for a refund?
    The points in the amount of the item(s) returned in whole dollars will be added back to your Rewards Points as long as it does not exceed what was originally redeemed on the order. If it does exceed this amount, you will receive a refund via the method of payment used for the order.

  6. questionA student said they made a purchase, but forgot to include my teacher ID number. Can I still get credit for it?
    Yes. From the My Account page, choose Referral Purchases from the left menu underneath Teacher Tools. We've included a simple form on this page titled Missing a purchase? that you can use to add any orders that apply in this situation. You must enter the Order / Invoice # and either the Zip Code ...

  7. questionHow can I see the transactions that relate to the Rewards Points in my account?
    From the My Account page, choose Referral Purchases from the left menu underneath Teacher Tools. From here, you can view all of the orders that have contributed to the Rewards Points on your account, and orders that will be applied in the next Rewards Points update. This includes orders that you ...

  8. questionHow often are my Rewards Points updated online?
    All points from the previous month are updated around the 20th of the following month.

  9. questionWith my teacher account, do I qualify for additional discounts when you run promotions?
    You will always be given the best value discount, but unfortunately not all promotions will be in addition to your teacher discount. For questions regarding combining specific promotions, please call Customer Service at (877) 686-3335.

  10. questionI have a teacher account. Do I have to enter my teacher ID number on my order to get my teacher discount?
    No. Your teacher discount will be applied automatically when you are logged into your account. The discounts will be visible on your confirmation email after your order has been placed. If this isn't the case, please call Customer Service at (877) 686-3335.

  11. questionHow do I enter a Class Schedule?
    From the My Account page, choose Class Schedule from the left menu underneath Teacher Tools. From this simple form, you can name your event, give it a start and end date, set a weekly event, choose time and duration, give it a description, and optionally have the event show an associated Dress C ...

  12. questionHow do I create a Dress Code list?
    From the My Account page, choose Dress Codes from the left menu underneath Teacher Tools. Once on the My Dress Codes page, there will be a button on the top right of the page that says Create a New List. A pop-up window will appear prompting you to name your new list and add an optional note or ...

  13. questionHow do my students access my Class List?
    Your students can follow the Dance Teacher Program link on the top right navigation menu of our website. From here, they can use the Are you a Student? section on the right to search by teacher name, ID number, email, studio name, city or state. Once they locate your studio, they can view your S ...

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