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  1. questionSpecial Orders
    Pointe Shoes Found a pointe shoe you would like to purchase but don't see your size? if you do not see your preferred pointe shoe configuration it means that the item is not one we normally stock. However that doesn't mean we can't get it for you. If you tell us what you are looking for we would ...

  2. questionWhat type of shoe should I order for my Zumba class?
    When ordering shoes for Zumba class, you should look for a shoe that will offer good support and flexibility. A dance sneaker would be an excellent choice. Capezio Unisex Canvas Dansneaker, Bloch Unisex Mesh Sneaker and Sansha Adult Electron Dance Sneaker are our most popular.

  3. questionWhat is the girth measurement, and how do I measure for it?
    The girth measurement is the circumference of the torso. It is determined with a fabric tape measure by starting at the top of one shoulder, going down the front of the torso, between the legs and back up to the same shoulder that you started, creating a loop around the body. Then take the combi ...

  4. questionMy child's dance instructor says that my child needs lyrical shoes. What are they, and what should I order?
    Lyrical is a style of dance where a lot of dancers perform barefoot; however, you can attain the look of dancing barefoot on stage with lyrical shoes. These shoes give the dancer greater ability and control over their movements. If the dance instructor has not given a specific shoe to order, som ...

  5. questionWhat items does my dancer need for their first ballet class?
    There are some basic items that are needed; however, each dance school or studio may have specific items that they require, so you should always check first. A few basic items that you might need are ballet slippers, tights, leotards, skirts, hair accessories and a dance bag.

  6. questionMy son/daughter needs their first ballet slippers, should I order full sole or split sole?
    Many beginners wear full sole ballet slippers, as they add more resistance to beginning ballet movements and help to build strong technique as students are learning to work through their feet. However, you should always ask your child's ballet instructor for their personal preference.

  7. questionHow do I order pointe shoes for the first time?
    When ordering your first pair of pointe shoes, we strongly suggest that you first have them fitted professionally at a local dance store near you. Since this is not always possible, you may also ask your dance instructor for suggestions on shoes that might work for you and your unique feet. Usin ...

  8. questionDifferent types of dance shoes have different sizing, how do I order the correct size?
    You should always start with the dancer's street shoe size, which is what they normally wear on a day-to-day basis. Then, follow the sizing suggestion of the shoe you are ordering under the Sizing tab next to the Description of the item. Please take note, this is only a suggestion and not a guar ...

  9. questionWhen ordering tights, how do I know what size to get my dancer?
    When ordering tights it is important to have the weight and height of the dancer available. Tight size charts use a grid that you can use to match these two attributes to the correct size. Click here to view our size charts.

  10. questionWhat is the difference between Ballet Pink and Theatrical Pink, when relating to the color of tights?
    The difference is that Ballet Pink is more of a light "peachy" pink, where Theatrical Pink is a light pink with no additional color undertones.

  11. questionWhy do split-sole ballet slipper elastics come only attached at the heel?
    The elastics come only sewn at the heels so that the dancer can sew them at a length that is most comfortable for them to wear in the criss-cross position on the arch of the foot.

  12. questionPointe Shoe Preparation - Breaking in

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